I Can See Clearly Now

Come Out with Your Hands Up

Mark 8: 25: When Jesus came to Bethsaida; some people brought a blind man to him desiring Jesus to touch him.  The Bible does not give us the name of this blind man.  However, this blind man was not born blind but he became blind through some accident or by a disease.  Nevertheless, he was destitute of the most valuable sense, the precious sense of sight.  He had long been a stranger to beholding the beauties of nature.  He could not see the lovely region around Bethsaida, the glancing waters of the lake, the lovely flowers of the Galilean hills, nor the stars and the moon as they decorated the sky on a clear night.  You see my brothers and sisters, this man had a problem and the people brought him to Jesus.

This grave opening Jesus, this deaf destroying Jesus, lame restoring Jesus, water walking Jesus, multitude-feeding Jesus, eye opening Jesus took this nameless blind man by the hand and led him out of the town; then spat on his eyes and touched him with his hands.  Then Jesus asked him if he could see. This blind man answered by saying, “I see men as trees, walking.”  I can’t explain this unusual situation; even though this man had been touched by Jesus, he still could not see clearly.  He saw indistinctively.  I don’t know if he had a bad case of stigmatism, myopia, etc., but this I do know that when men began to look like trees, he was not seeing clearly.  When Jesus opened the eyes of the man who was born blind, one touch was sufficient (John 9).  When Jesus opened the eyes of the two blind men near Jericho, one touch was sufficient (Matthew 20).  But this nameless blind man needed a second touch.  Jesus touched his eyes again and made him look up and this time he was restored because the Bible says that he saw every man clearly.

There are many kinds of sights: physical, spiritual, intellectual sight, hindsight, etc.  In the world of isms, there are so many people who need a second touch. Nikki Giovannia, an award winning poetess, was asked why she remained single and this is what she said, “I had a baby at twenty five because I wanted to have a baby and I could afford to have a baby.  I did not get married because I didn’t want to get married and I could afford not to get married” (Jet Magazine).

I don’t know what you think about it; she did not see clearly.  She needed a second touch of unadulterated teaching in order that she might see clearly.  In the world of religion, there are so many people who see but do not see clearly because they have been contaminated by the doctrines and the commandments of men.  But the Master said, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).  Humanism will not make you free; rationalism will not make you free; existentialism will not make you free; denominationalism will not make you free.  All of these isms will keep you from seeing clearly.

Apollos, the eloquent preacher, did not see clearly and was given a second touch of teaching by Aquila and Priscilla and he could sing the song that I can see clearly now (Acts 18:24 28).  The twelve men at Ephesus did not see clearly when they only knew of the baptism of John; but a second touch of teaching by the apostle Paul caused them to see clearly (Acts 19:1-5).  Even though they had been baptized one time, they still did not see clearly.  You cannot be taught wrong, understand wrong, believe wrong, obey wrong and end up being baptized right.  With all of those wrongs preceding baptism, you are baptized wrong.  Paul taught them right; they understood right, believed right, obeyed right and were baptized right.  The eunuch was a church-going, Bible-reading man, but he did not see clearly.  He was reading in the Old Testament and did not understand what he was reading, but evangelist Philip gave him a second touch of teaching by preaching unto him Jesus; the eunuch could sing the song that he could see clearly now. (Acts 8:27-39).  There are many church-going people and Bible-reading people who do not see clearly religiously. They need a second touch of teaching God’s infallible word.



Oh, I used to talk that talk that people today ought to keep the Ten Commandments, but after having had a second touch of teaching, I can see clearly now.  The sabbath was national, and was given to Israel in celebration of her emancipation from Egypt.  Moses said that it was a sign between God and Israel (Exodus 31:13).  Moses said that it was a covenant between God and Israel (Exodus 31:16).  If all nations were commanded to keep the Sabbath, how could it have been a sign between God and one nation?  A covenant is a contract between two parties; the party of the first part and the party of the second part.  In this Sabbath covenant, God was the party of the first part and Israel was the party of the second part.  The prophet Amos predicted the end of Israel when he said:

… The end is come upon my people Israel; I will not again pass by them anymore.  And it shall come to pass that day, saith the Lord God, that I will cause the sun to go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in the clear day. (Amos 8:2, 9)

His whole description pictures the end of the Jewish nation, their law and their Sabbath, all of which ended at the cross, when the sun did go down at noon at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 27:45).  At the sixth hour, the sun refused to shine.  The earth rocked and quaked, the veil of the temple was rent, and a soldier near the cross cried out, “Surely he was the Son of God “ Amid the darkness of Calvary, the sinless Son of God, dying for the sinful souls of men, bowed his stately head and said, It is finished and died.  What is finished?  The Law of Moses is finished.  

Listen to Hosea 2:11, “I will cause all her mirth to cease, her feast days, her new moons, and her Sabbaths, and all her solemn feasts.”

We are informed by the apostle Paul that they did cease in Colossians 2:14 17:  Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it. Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holy day, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ. 

I can see clearly now.  We have a new covenant, a new institution, the church. We have a new feast, the Lord’s Supper.  We have a new set of ordinances and commands, the New Testament.  We have a new day of worship, the first day of the week, the Lord’s day.  We have a new hope, not an earthly inheritance, but the eternal one beyond Jordan’s stormy banks.



I used to think and say that we use instrumental music because David used it, but now I know better.  I used to talk that talk that instrumental music has always been in the churches, but I have a second touch of teaching and I can see clearly now.  The organ was first introduced into the worship of any body of people claiming to be Christian in 670 A.D.  It was introduced by Pope Vatilian I and not by Jesus Christ.  It threatened to split the Catholic church, so they took it out.  The organ was re-introduced about 1054 and split the Catholic church. The founder of the Lutheran church rejected the organ as an ensign of Baal.  The founder of the Presbyterian church rejected the organ.  The founder of the Methodist church rejected the organ.  John Wesley said, “I have no objection to the organ in our chapels provided it is neither seen nor heard.” The Bible says sing in the church.  Check it out in 1 Corinthians 14:15; Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16; and Hebrews 2:12. Oh, my friends, you ought to be able to see that the Bible teaches us to sing without instrumental music.

Some Know It All Adults and Young People Are Singing The Song: I Can See Clearly Now

There are some people that you can’t tell anything; they know everything, they have been everywhere.  But I stopped by to tell you that some of the most ungodly people who have ever lived are living right now.  They have switched God for gold, grace for grass, godly times to good times, soul sense for science, human decency for shame.  They have switched from “Thus saith the Lord” to what saith man.  Some self-styled know all(s) tell our young people to forget God and the church and come where the action is.  When they get where they say the action is, they are put out of action.

They are encouraged to get a fix, and when they do they find themselves out of fix.  I weep inside when I go into hospitals and see teenage boys and girls, and young adults, strapped or tied in the bed, crawling on the floor, foaming at the mouth, or trying to climb the walls begging for another fix.  Their systems have been poisoned and their brains damaged by dope and other drugs.  Let me sound my trumpet, anybody who takes dope is a dope.  You don’t hear me.  My heart goes out for young people who have been deceived and become addicted to brain damaging, health breaking, nerve wrecking, life taking, and grave filling drugs, simply because they did not have the inner strength to say no.  They did not have the courage to say no to themselves and to their so called friends.  It is heartbreaking to go through the streets and see so many human wrecks, both young and old.  They have wrecked their lives with alcohol, wrecked their lives chasing women, wreck their lives thrills, kicks and good times.  I think that they could truly sing the song:

I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way, Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind, It’s gonna be a bright, bright, sun shiney day.

I think I can make it now the pain is gone.  All of the bad feelings have disappeared.  Even my rainbow eyes been screaming for, It’s gonna be a bright, bright sun shiney day.

I am so glad that I decided to make Jesus my choice as a teenager.  Christ is the best thing that ever happened me.  You may ridicule my God, ignore my God, doubt my God, and say my God is not where it is.  But I will trust in the Lord until I die.  HE IS TOO TRUE TO BE FALSE.  HE IS TOO LOVING NOT TO CARE.  HE IS TOO MINDFUL TO FORGET, TOO STRONG TO BE DETHRONED, TOO EXACT TO ERR.  HE IS TOO ALL KNOWING NOT TO KNOW, TOO ALL SEEING NOT TO SEE.  HE IS TOO ETERNAL TO BE A BEGINNER.  Why not put your hands in the hands of this great God and let him be your bridge over troubled water.  He will bless you now, tomorrow and in the after-while and the by and by.