Preacher I Have a Question:

Q?Preacher I Have another Question: Should we Keep the Sabbath Day Holy in the 21st Century?

Miss Jane Doe“After Christ died, did everyone have to live by the New Testament Law, even though they had lived by the Old Testament Law before?”

Brother Preacher:  Just stay with me for a little while, because I am fixing to deal with it.  The death and resurrection of Christ initiated major alterations in the way God was to both affect and effect man’s salvation.  Miss Doe please Read more…

Q?Preacher I Have another Question: What’s so Special about the Church of Christ anyway?

Miss Jane Doe:  “I have been to many churches and I do not understand you Church of Christ folk.  You all think that you are the only ones going to heaven.  I want to know if one church, one faith, one name, one period is as good as another.”  Read more…

Q?Preacher I Have a Question: Is one Church as Good as Another?

Brother PreacherI am so glad that you asked that question I do not know what to do.  Praise the Lord!  I am going to deal with your question but, at the same time I am not going to sentence you to hell.  Let us see what the Bible says about that situation and then you and I should listen to the Word of God.  Is that alright with you?  Read more…

Q?Preacher I Have a Question: Can a Man be Saved outside the Church?

This is one of the most common of all religious questions. The question is not, ‘Can a good man be saved out of a denomination?’ but ‘Can a good man be saved out of the church?’  There is a difference between these two questions.  I can affirm openly without fear of successful contradiction that not a single denomination upon the earth is essential to salvation.  Read more…

Q?Preacher I Have a Question: Is Baptism Essential to Salvation?

One of the most troublesome subjects in the religious world is that of baptism. It has become the battling ground for theologians, preachers, church members and non-church members. On this particular subject, the uninformed have become so-called authorities. When this subject is discussed feelings are hurt, emotions are stirred up, hard feelings sometimes arise, gratitude is developed, and honest souls are saved.  Read more…