Rescue the Perishing

In Gear with the Minister:

Dr. Eugene Lawton

These marching orders from King Jesus fell from his lips between His glorious resurrection and spectacular ascension.  This was the last command that He gave his followers. This is the only plan that Jesus left in this world to establish His church, and save this wicked world from devastating sins; my brothers and sisters; this is the first business of the church.  The Great Commission is not an optional command, but it is a cardinal necessity if we want to make heaven our home.  Too many Christians have allowed the Great Commission to become the great omission.  Too many churches have little or no interest in evangelism, but stress mutual edification.  The gospel is watered down and there is no evangelistic thrust in the preaching or the teaching.  It has been stated that the average member of the church of Christ has heard 4,000 sermons, sung 2000 songs, participated in 8,000 public prayers, and converted zero sinners.  That’s enough to make the heart stop and the blood run cold.  Say amen, if you can!

WHO ARE THE PERISHING?  They are people who have full stomachs but starved souls.  They are the filthy-mouth John Shafts with four-letter words dripping from their unsanctified lips.  They are the drug-pushers who dress fine, ride fine, eat fine, live fine pushing dope for the man.  They are hot-pants Jezebels rocking and gyrating to the disco music of Purple Rain Prince, Michael Black or White Jackson, and rapping Hammer.  WHO ARE THE PERISHING? They are caught up in the riptide of denominationalism, get-rich-quick-and-good-health salvation.  They are young people doing their own thing, trying to be cool, hip and deep.  When I think about what sin has done and is doing to people all around us; sin enslaves, contaminates, scars, and separates; I am convinced that what the world needs now is not astrology, not psychology, not philosophy, not an X, but what the world needs now is JESUS.  In a world where the leading cause of death of black males between the ages 15 to 24 is homicide; somebody ought to be interested in RESCUING THE PERISHING.  In a world where more of our black young men are in prison than in college; somebody ought to be concerned about RESCUING THE PERISHING.

Newark Church of Christ NJ – Rescue the Perishing

Written by

Dr. Eugene Lawton

Dr. Eugene Lawton is an international evangelist, a defender of the faith, a veteran preacher, a radio and television evangelist, a successful writer of four books and a great church builder. He has been minister of the Newark Church of Christ, Newark, New Jersey for forty-five years. Contact: Newark Church of Christ, 894 S. 14th St. Newark, NJ 07108. Tele: (973) 374-4563.

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