Will a Man Rob God

In Gear with the Minister:

Dr. Eugene Lawton

If I should introduce my message this morning by saying: “This morning some of you came to church from a stolen house, driving a stolen car, wearing stolen clothes, and adorned with stolen jewelry, and when you return home, this day, you will eat stolen food and watch a stolen television. The reason I say this is because you paid for these things with money withheld from God. You took money that was rightfully God’s and spent it on yourself.”

HOW DO MEN ROB GOD TODAY? Men rob God by giving a portion of their means but not in proportion of their ability. Israel gave some but not enough. The failure to bring God the WHOLE tithe. (Mal. 3:8,9). All the tithe belongs to the Lord. (Lev. 27:30) Christians are not to tithe, but if we give and fail to give enough; we rob God. Here is a man who gives $5.00 a Sunday, according to his prosperity he ought to give $50.00. HE HAS ROBBED GOD: MEN ROB GOD BY MISSING THE WORSHIP SERVICE AND NEVER GIVE WHAT THEY WOULD HAVE GIVEN IF THEY HAD ATTENDED. The command is not GIVE IF YOU ATTEND, but GIVE AS YOU HAVE BEEN PROSPERED. (I Cor. 16:1,2). When you are absent from your home congregation on Lord’s day, do you double your contribution the next Sunday? If the gas, electric and water bills at your house must be paid, even though you are away; it is clear that the Lord’s work must go on while you are away.

WHY DO MEN ROB GOD? Some men rob God because of covetousness. Men become lovers of money more than lovers of God. (I Tim. 6:10) COVETOUSNESS MAKES A MAN SPIRITUALLY LOPSIDED. It makes a man very particular about observing the Lord’s Supper every Sunday but indifferent to the command to give weekly liberally. A farmer went to hear a young preacher once. In his sermon he said, he would take up three points about money. The first is GET ALL YOU CAN. At this, the covetous farmer nudged his friend and said, THIS MAN HAS GOT SOMETHING. THAT’S ADMIRABLE PREACHING. Then the preacher said, “And my third point is GIVE ALL YOU CAN,” with this the farmer slumped in his pew muttering, NOW HE HAS GONE AND RUINED IT ALL. No covetous man can enter the Kingdom of God.

Church of Christ New Jersey – Will a Man Rob God?

Written by

Dr. Eugene Lawton

Dr. Eugene Lawton is an international evangelist, a defender of the faith, a veteran preacher, a radio and television evangelist, a successful writer of four books and a great church builder. He has been minister of the Newark Church of Christ, Newark, New Jersey for forty-five years. Contact: Newark Church of Christ, 894 S. 14th St. Newark, NJ 07108. Tele: (973) 374-4563.

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