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The name of sermons in the weekly bulletins.

Church of Christ – The Church that Triumphs

The Newark Church of Christ:  In spite of the upsurge of vigor in evangelism, a sense of defeatism exists in many local churches. The spiritual indifference and the materialistic idolatry of our age at times seem inseparable. Thus, there comes over the church a sense of frustration and defeat; a wearying in well doing. This defeatism may be understandable, but...
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When Men Lay the Bible Down

The Bible is the best book in the world.  Someone has said, “The Bible contains the best law, the golden Rule; the best philosophy, a contented mind; the best statesmanship, self-government; the best war, that is against one’s own weakness; the best medicine, cheerfulness and temperance in all things; the best music, the laughter of an innocent soul; the best...
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My Church, the Claim of Christ

In Gear with the Minister: Dr. Eugene Lawton This topic conveys the glorious truth that the church belongs to Jesus Christ. Have you reflected on the idea that all the things that Jesus might have claimed while living in this world; there is only one thing that he did claim–His church. This traveling preacher tells us a lot about himself...
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The Gospel of Jesus Christ concerning the Home

In Gear with the Minister: Dr. Eugene Lawton William Lyon Phelps said, “The highest happiness on earth is in marriage.  Every man who is happily married is a successful man even if he had failed in everything else.  And every man whose marriage is a failure is not a successful man even if he has succeeded in everything else.”  Would...
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The Gospel of Jesus Christ – Why Be a Christian?

In Gear with the Minister: Dr. Eugene Lawton Does it pay to be a Christian? What advantage is it? Maybe these are questions which have flashed through your mind if you are not a Christian. By being a Christian, I mean a Christian in fact and a Christian only. I do not mean being a member of some denomination that...
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Rescue the Perishing

In Gear with the Minister: Dr. Eugene Lawton These marching orders from King Jesus fell from his lips between His glorious resurrection and spectacular ascension.  This was the last command that He gave his followers. This is the only plan that Jesus left in this world to establish His church, and save this wicked world from devastating sins; my brothers...
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