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Sermons designed to help us connect with God and his will.

The Poverty of The Church

The Bible is the best book in the world.  The Bible is settled in its source, sure in its promise, satisfying in its contents, guaranteed in its guidance and sanctifying in its influence.  To this book I go for message, Matthew 9:37 says, THE HARVEST TRULY IS PLENTEOUS, BUT THE LABORERS ARE FEW.  THE POVERTY OF THE CHURCH, I hear...
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Will a Man Rob God

In Gear with the Minister: Dr. Eugene Lawton If I should introduce my message this morning by saying: “This morning some of you came to church from a stolen house, driving a stolen car, wearing stolen clothes, and adorned with stolen jewelry, and when you return home, this day, you will eat stolen food and watch a stolen television. The...
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The Gospel of Jesus Christ concerning the Home

In Gear with the Minister: Dr. Eugene Lawton William Lyon Phelps said, “The highest happiness on earth is in marriage.  Every man who is happily married is a successful man even if he had failed in everything else.  And every man whose marriage is a failure is not a successful man even if he has succeeded in everything else.”  Would...
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Conviction or Convenience

The age in which we are now living is an age of astonishing progress. There have been more advancements in many fields in the three or four decades than in the thousand years preceding. America is the most wonderfully blessed of all nations on the face of the earth. Labor saving devices are no longer considered luxuries, but are the...
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Youth in Search of a Cause

All over the world, young people are desperately trying to find themselves. From the little country town of Iowa to the swinging metropolis of New York; they are endeavoring to find that one thing that they will devote their lives. Experimentation, see for yourself, try anything once, are their daily modes of expression. Inner city work, charity work, Peace Corps,...
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When God Said, “Stop Praying.”

IN GEAR WITH THE MINISTER:  Dr. Eugene Lawton You might think that this subject is a bit unusual, but I hope it does not prove to be so.  I think that it is absolutely necessary to preface this lesson with several readings from the Bible which deal with “the importance and essentiality of prayer…” (Rom. 12:8).  Jesus said that men...
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