18th Annual Gospel Concert

THE JOHNSON SINGERS:  Saturday, May 3, 2014 @ 7:30 p.m.
Guest Choral Groups:  Majestic, Kings, Brooklyn, NY.  The Christian Echoes, Staten Island, NY. The Exciting Enchanters, Newark, NJ.  Plan for this great event.  

Featured Preacher of the Week

Featured YouTube Sermon:  Sunday Morning Sermon – An Expectant Lord by Dr. Arnelious Crenshaw, The Expositor of Preaching.  At the 46th Northeastern Youth Conference 2014 hosted by the Newark Church of Christ, New Jersey.  Dr. Eugene Lawton minister and program director.  Theme:  Your Attitude Determines your Altitude.  Dr. Crenshaw was the keynote speaker for the weekend.  Sermon taken from Isa. 5:1-12. 

Our Church Theme for 2014


Psalm 121:1; Mark 16:15,16.  Every MEMBER is CHALLENGED TO LEAD ONE SOUL TO CHRIST.

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How Many “FAKE” Facebook Friends do you Have?

The Family Seminar is still in Session:  Dr. David E. Lane is keeping it real on Facebook.  This sermon was designed with young people in mind Online.  Do you really have 2000 friends?  Can you rely on them to do anything with you or for you?  Find out in this message there is only one Friend that sticks closer than a brother and He ain’t on Facebook.  Say Amen if you can…  Remember this on your next Friendship request…  Get the Message Now – YouTube Special.

Family Seminar is “Still in Session”

Dr. David E. Lane from Dallas, TX did an an excellent job in conducting the Family Seminar March 9- 12, 2014.  His therapeutic preaching can be heard right hear  and bless you.  God’s Family is in Trouble, there is Sin in the House.  The Doctor is in Session, Therapy starts right here: YouTube Special with the Doctor.

Featured Lectureship Speaker

THE 70th ANNUAL NATIONAL LECTURESHIP. Atlanta, Georgia was the the site of the 2014 Churches of Christ National Lectureship, and it has been an electrifying experience. Some 2,500 persons attended this lectureship April 12-17, 2014 and heard great sermons and attended great workshops. There were great congregational singing and concerts. Brother Lawton spoke on Wednesday during the Trumpet Hour on the subject, An Old General’s Final Orders. He made the collection talk for Southwestern Christian College and we raised $63,000.00 which is the highest in lectureship history. We commend Dr. Richard Barclay and Dr. Orpheus Heyward who served as co-hosts. The next lectureship will be in Chicago April 5-9, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place. The hotel room night rate is $139.00 and the lectureship’s registration fee is $180.00. For more information, see the website: Brother David Penn is the host director.

What’s Happening this Month?

THE NEXT YOUTH DEVOTIONAL Will be Friday, April 25th. Every youth is encouraged to be present to share in fun, fellowship, and an inspirational message. Brother Terrence Wood is in charge. LADIES’ DAY IN TRENTON, NJ The date is Saturday, April 26, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. and the theme is: Women of Excellence, of Royalty and Women of God. The keynote speakers will be Naomi Wright, Montclair, NJ and Jamila Lyiscott, Kings church, Brooklyn, NY. Brother Clarence Matthews, Sr. is the minister of the Trenton church. 18th ANNUAL GOSPEL CONCERT OF THE JOHNSON SINGERS Saturday, May 3, 2014 - 7:30 p.m. Guest Choral Groups Majestic Sounds, Kings, Brooklyn, NY The Christian Echoes, Staten Island, NY The Exciting Enchanters, Newark, NJ GARRETSON ROAD CHURCH OF CHRIST IN BRIDGE-WATER, NJ will have a Ladies’ Day on Saturday, May 10th, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The theme is: I Stand Amazed, and the guest speaker will be sister Mikki Taylor of Newark, NJ. See the bulletin board for more details. The church van will depart on May 10th at 7:00 am. TEACHERS’ APPRECIATION DINNER The date is Sunday, May 25, 2014, at 2:00 p.m. at the Ramada Plaza Hotel. Those teachers who plan to attend are to register with brother Brian Coleman or brother Walter Gardner. We are going to have a great time. EVERY CHRISTIAN OUGHT TO ATTEND BIBLE SCHOOL EVERY SUNDAY!

Weekly Bulletin 4/27/2014

SENIOR CITIZENS’ DINNER IS THIS SUNDAY! After the morning service, we will have dinner at the Ramada Plaza Hotel for our seniors. The following seniors have registered for the dinner: G. Jackson, C. Reeves, L. Manuel, M. Jackson, B. & P. Shipman, B. Barnes, L. Hill, M. Hill, F. Broughton, R. Rose, T. Gatling, E. Lynch, P. & P. Grayer, V. Ford, r. Arbuckle, C. Chester, D. Richardson, P. Lacey, E. Manuel, H. Green, V. Brown, R. Rodgers, D. Wesley, R. Shipman, A. Borders, B. Mitchell, B. Johnson, J. Samuel, A. Moses, L. Daniels, M. Taylor, H. Brown, M. & Z. Coleman, M. Persadie, E. Gibbs, B. Hamilton, C. Cole, L. Frazer, M. Smith, C. Robinson, G. Thomas, M. & J. Lane, M. VanPelt, A. Ellis, J. Williams, A. Burch, G. Whitaker, C. Barnes, J. Benyarko, L. Ellis, H. & D. Blanding, C. Holley, A. Youngblood, B. Wright, M. Walker and M. Butler. Thank God for our seniors! We are going to have a great time today! The love contribution for the seniors on last Sunday was $449.00 and we will divided among them. THE PRISON MINISTRY Will be this Sunday, April 27, 2014. Brother Weston Paton will be speaking. All those who are involved with the Prison Ministry are urged to be present. REVIVAL MEETING IN BROOKLYN, NY The date is April 27-30, 2014, with brother Leslie James, Charlotte, NC, as the guest minister. Dinner will be served Sunday, April 27th. Brother David Wilson is the minister of the Kings church. BROTHER WALTER GARDNER WILL PREACH TONIGHT. Everyone is encouraged to hear this man of God.

Hear Dr. Warren Blakney

A SPIRITUAL EXPLOSION OUR SPRING GOSPEL MEETING MAY 18-23, 2014 Hear: Brother Warren Blakney Tulsa, OK. Warren Blakney married the former Patricia Trice of Henderson, Tennessee. They are the parents of three Children: Brian Danyel, and twins Warren Jr. and Kimberly Nicole. Dr. Blakney presently serves as minister for the North Peoria Church of Christ in Tulsa, OK.

Dr. David Lane is Still in Session

Dr. David Lane speaks on the subject from Judges 11: Putting the Past in the Past. This is from the sermon series during Family Seminar 2014, hosted by the Newark Church of Christ. Dr. Eugene Lawton, minister. Be blessed by this therapeutic sermon.

The Bible "Questions"

Hear Preacher: Dr. Arnelious Crenshaw